Dungeoneers uses streamlined, tabletop RPG mechanics for instant adventuring. You’ll be slaying dragons before you can say gelatinous cube.

Play Basic Dungeoneers for free. Whenever you’re ready, upgrade to the full game for a one-time fee of $15 USD. (There are no microtransactions.)

Slay Dragons

Dragons keep attacking the village. The villagers keep looking at you. Slay dragons to rise in fame and unlock more of the game.

Explore Dungeons

Navigate non-linear dungeon levels, gathering better weapons and magic on your way to the dragon lair. Choose paths that offer the most reward for least resistance.

Turn-Based Tactics

The combat mechanics involve hex grids, attack modifiers, and polygonal dice. The strategy involves using room layouts to your advantage, wielding the proper weapons and magic, and knowing when it’s time to sneak, fight, or ... flee!

Streamlined Gameplay

Snarky NPC remarks, without long monologues or dialog trees. Meaningful weapon choices, without complicated inventory management. Fantastic art, without wasteful cut-scenes.

Tag Team Heroes

Use the best hero for the situation, swapping mid-quest as needed. The Human Swordsman is a well-rounded fighter who excels with his blade. The Elven Huntress, with her archery and leaping ability, does best when keeping a distance from her foes. And the Dwarven Brawler, relying on his trusty shield and deadly fist, enjoys charging into a crowd. With experience, each hero will gain new skills and improved feats.

Weapons & Scrolls

You’ll start each dungeon run with weapons that only a blacksmith’s mother could love. That +1 Sword of Cutting Remarks will not always be helpful. Procure better swords, shields, and bows through stealth or force. You'll also find magic scrolls such as Flame to create defensive barriers, Leap to reposition yourself, Haste for a free action, Vanish to become unseen, and Bolt to cast lighting when you have all your orcs in a row.

The Monsters You Know

Engage (or elude) 125+ monster types, ranging from Rats of Unusual Size to Lich Queens. Some creatures, such as Purple Worms and Cavern Crawlers, will attack other monsters, not just you. Monster art is derived from a popular line of tabletop figures by Reaper Miniatures.

Outdoor Hunts & Dungeon Tourneys

Partake in daily outdoor hunts for an XP bounty, and join weekly tournaments to test your dungeon prowess against other players.

Steadfast Developers

Our assorted gnomes and wizards are dedicated to the ongoing development of Dungeoneers.

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